Pink Sheet is one of Pink Sheep's experiments with Fsrd...gee that failed horribly. It all started when Pink Sheep met Fsrdgee. Fsrdgee reminded Pink Sheep of Purple Shep because Fsrdgee was so weird, so Pink Sheep and Fsrdgee became temporary friends. A few hours later, Pink Sheep and Fsrdgee somehow get hold of a scientific lab on an asteroid. Pink Sheep calls first to use the being creator, so he goes first. But before he could do anything, one of his Pink bed sheets fell in the machine. It had mustache hairs on it, from Pink Sheep, so it became these strange sheets with a Pink Sheep style mustache and eyes. For some reason, the newly made Pink Sheet was evil, and tried to attack Pink Sheep and Fsrdgee, but failed. Pink Sheet then took another one of Pink Sheep's Pink Sheets, with mustache hair on it, but also threw a dorito bag in the machine, making MLG Sheet. The two sheets busted out and were never seen again. For now...

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