Liorius (Formerly known as Weegee clone 23343) is a Weegee clone that was created just like every other Weegee clone. Weegee clones put Weegee DNA into the cloning machine, and it changed the DNA. But something was different about this clone...He has an exceptionally strong will, and refused to work for Weegee (this was before Weegee gave his clones a little freedom), so the other clones tried to capture him, but Liorius also was smarter than most Weegee clones, having an IQ of 141, so he dodged the clone's attacks, and escaped through the open window (the building was on a low floor, so Liorius was ok), and ran. Liorius explored the world, and after 1 1/2 months of being on the run, Liorius finally had a friend, that was a rouge clone, like Liorius. The clone's name was Tiazzor, which inspired Liorius to make a name.

Later Life Edit

Liorius and his friend where able to build up enough money to buy a star system and asteroid belt, which they co-rule to this day. Liorius allied with Scion and the population of his territories doubled in a year. Liorius is liked by the people of his nation, and is a symbol of hope to other clones that have been oppressed. Liorius's Nation is known as "Liotaria", and is not allied with any of the superpowers because the government does not want to be manipulated.