Dadeemee is a very powerful Meegee born of an an ancient and powerful family. He is President of the Union of Trolliversean Nations (Formerly the Dadeemeeic Empire) and leader of the Union Military. He is a benevolent leader, much loved by his subjects. He spreads peace, and prosperity to every region that chooses to join his collective. His union is the largest in the whole Trolliverse.

He has 11 forms, but prefers his Infinity over all others, because of its power.

Dadeeme's Life Edit

He's been mostly awesome since birth.

Enemies (List) Edit

Dadeemee's enemies are:

  1. Scion
  2. Epicgee
  3. Regee
  4. Armageddongee
  5. Arlic Extremists
  6. Spleegeeg
  7. Grand Dad

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