The Armageddon Kingdom is Armageddongee's Kingdom. Destroyergee betrayed the family, so he was not ruler, and Apocalypsegee just didn't want to be ruler, so the third son, Armageddongee had to be ruler. (Lands ruled from Weegeepedia mostly.)

Lands Ruled: Edit

  • The Armageddonverse
  • The Forbidden Universe (They're searching for a new name)
  • The Xyean Galaxies
  • Clantium, its ex- capital
  • Balentio
  • The Kazakverse
  • The Crystalverse
  • The Neonverse

Allies: Edit

Beegee Star System

The Gropalleo Kingdom

The Legion Of The Light

Alpha Oligarchy

Empire of Slingania

The Emeraldverse


The Norish Empire

MamaLuigi22's Star Cluster


Awesominia (TBD)

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