Грустнолошадь is a Scion clone that is part Russian and part Ukrainian. Грустнолошадь isn't in Scion's Army, as he has his own militia called Грустнаялошадь армии. Грустнаялошадь also owns Грустнаялошадь русский империя. Грустнолошадь claims he has changed since his old days when he was a corrupt tyrant that attacked people, but every once in a while, people find evidence that goes against that he changed. Грустнолошадь likes to do chess and bowling in his spare time.

Trivia Edit

  • Грустнолошадь means "Sadhorse", in Russian
  • Грустнолошадь армии means "Sadhorse army", in Russian
  • Грустнаялошадь русский империя means "Sadhorse Russian empire", in Russian

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